Inara Candle Large 430g

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Each one of our candles is hand made with 100% eco soy wax, cotton wicks & fragrance oils which are carefully selected to be phthaltes & paraben free. This ensures that you get a much cleaner burn of your candles.

Scents: Snow Fairies, Apple Strudel & Spice, Melon Pear & Freesia, Blueberry & Vanilla, Wild Bergamot, Myrr & Tonka, and Black Pomegranate.

Our candles are all hand poured and cured to give the best fragrance throw throughout your home.

We recommend that you always trim your wick to 1/2 cm before lighting to ensure that you get minimum soot & maximum longevity from your candle.

Remember to allow your candle to burn long enough for your melt pool to reach the glass so that you can enjoy every bit of your candle & not have any wastage.

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